Healthcare Providers

Dosecast offers a clinically validated solution for healthcare
providers looking to optimize medication management,
reduce hospitalizations and readmissions, improve patient
health outcomes and drive engagement.

Reactive vs. Proactive Care

Proactive health and preventative care can help health providers achieve the triple aim of: Improving the quality of patient experiences, improving the health of populations, and reducing the cost of care.

Regular check-ins

No manual reporting

Real-time video/text communication

Date and time stamp all interaction

Instant secure messaging

Faster responses

Automatically generated reporting

Highest level of compliance

Site only check ins

Patients set reminders

High non-compliance

Phone call, email or in- person

Time delay + Self-reporting

Missed phone calls and emails

Medication adherence manually calculated

Dosecast 4 Pillars
of Care

Dosecast Solutions

Tangible Benefits to Support Your Value Based Care Goals. Improved Patient Outcomes

Better adherence can lead to reduced hospitalizations and complications, directly impacting the metrics that VBC models use to evaluate provider performance.

Enhanced Patient Engagement Satisfaction

Enhance patient satisfaction with daily reminders, check-ins, health assessments and appointment booking with the click of a button. Let our 24 / 7 / 365 care team drive patient engagement to new heights at your practice.

Cost Savings

Reducing Readmissions: Dosecast can significantly lower hospital readmission rates by predicting and getting ahead of negative health outcomes.

Data-driven Proactive Care

Dosecast only gives providers the right data, with AI assisted technology to enable targeted interventions, aligning with the VBC focus on data-driven care.

24 / 7 / 365 Clinical Care Team

Dosecast and Value-based Care

Reduced hospitalizations and readmissions

Improved outcomes and quality metrics

Satisfy HEDIS and MIPS scoring

based payment


Shared Savings & Risk


Cost savings (reduction in cost of care)

Increase patient engagement and satisfaction

Significant additional revenue potential for healthcare providers participating in VBC

Value-based care is growing rapidly

Two-sided risk models projected to increase to 100% in the next 5 years. The below table illustrates the percentage of US healthcare payments tied to quality and value in each market segment through the adoption of two-sided risk alternative payment models.





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0 %


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0 %

Traditional medicare

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0 %

“Percentage of payments tied to quality in a two-sided risk agreement”. Source: HCPLAN 2022 APM measurement report.

Dosecast Chronic Care Management (CCM)

With our robust CCM program your patients can receive concierge level care to make
behavioral change and build better habits to improve overall health and wellness all from the
comfort of home.

$36, 900

monthly recurring revenue potential based on
per patient per month with an active patient
count of 300

Seamless EHR Integration

EHR integration is critical for your success so that your virtual care program can integrate into your current workflow and you can easily generate quality reports. The Dosecast integration places readings into true data fields in your EHR. With some EHRs, we can even auto-generate claims.

How It Works

1.   Integrate with EHR

Dosecast can integrate with your existing platforms such as electronic health records (EHRs), care management workflow systems, claims
data, pharmacy systems, and other software platforms.

2.   Identify at-risk patients

Quickly identify members who are reporting poor health status,
showing gradual deterioration, or who are not taking their
medications. Dosecast sorts and identifies patients at-risk and
notifies care managers and providers.

3.   Engage qualified patients

Dosecast engages patients in their care by providing reminders, dosage information, and tracking, thereby empowering them to take an active role in their health management. Increased engagement and empowerment are associated with higher patient satisfaction scores.

4.   Close care gaps and improve outcomes

In order to close care gaps, it is crucial to understand streamlined care coordination and how to get the right data to get ahead of negative health outcomes. Make improvements in patient health by providing the right data to drive behavioral change.

Industry Leading Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Transforming Patient Care

Dosecast’s Medical Platform and’s Large Medical Model (LMM) both harness the power of artificial intelligence to transform patient care through innovative data analysis and predictive capabilities.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Dosecast Medical Platform offers a multi-capable, multi-site, Software-As-A-Service solution that leverages AI and machine learning. It utilizes a vast array of data, including therapy adherence, patient behavior, biomarkers from wearables, claims data, and EHRs, to enhance service delivery and patient outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Unlocking the Future of Healthcare

The synergy between Dosecast’s operational efficiencies and’s predictive analytics paves the way for a future where digital health solutions are seamlessly integrated into everyday medical practice, improving outcomes and patient care across multiple dimensions.

GenHealth.AI’s LLM

GenHealth.AI’s LLM a sophisticated transformer neural network, is trained on extensive patient data encompassing demographics, medical history, and treatments from over 140 million U.S. patients. It predicts future healthcare needs, allowing for personalized digital interactions.

User Friendly Mobile App

With over 1 million downloads, Dosecast is recognized as an industry leader in virtual care and Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM). Dosecast sets the new standard for proactive, data-driven patient care.

“I’ve been using this app for years. It’s excellent for remembering to take your medication. You don’t have to sign in to an account. It’s easy to add your medication, the steps are easy. I’ve checked out other medication alert apps, nothing compares to Dosecast!”

Simple Transparent Pricing

No Upfront Cost

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